At some point in a career, everyone has been a candidate, when you first speak to our specialist consultants you will instantly recognise that our people understand and appreciate your position. All our candidates will have direct contact with a specially allocated consultant. Each new candidate to Thomas Oats Consultancy has a single point of contact that will work with you through the registration,guidance and search for your new and much-deserved role

Once registered with Thomas Oats Consultancy, our consultants will work closely with you through every step in your career transition. From meeting you and discussing your true aims, to searching, securing and delivering the good news that you have been successfully offered a new career with the right company. Uniquely, all our consultants are a seamless extension of you.

As our people are talking daily with a high degree of well-regarded businesses within your chosen sector, we don’t wait around for the right role to come to us. Our consultants are true business hunters who will find your role for you.

Our registrations process is simple; please send your CV with a covering letter listing the following to

  • Your current and desired role
  • Target working environment
  • Current and target package
  • Ideal commuting distance from your location.

One of our consultants will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

This is now the start of your new career!